Solomons Boat Rental

There can be NO alcohol or drug use prior to or during the rental by ANY
participant. Failure to adhere to this WILL result in the cancellation of the rental and FOREITURE of the security deposit. Reservations are now REQUIRED for a rental. The operator/renter of the boat must have prior
boating experience and will have to pass qualification to be able to rent.
All The Fun You Want In A Day
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Discover the beautiful Patuxent River and the many hidden coves and creeks that make Solomons Island a spot to remember!

Our low rates coupled with our fuel efficient engines means you can still enjoy a day on the water with out breaking the bank.

If you want to take a relaxing cruise, do some fishing and crabbing,   you're sure to find what you're looking for here. We offer modern, fuel efficient, environmentally friendly outboard motor powered boats. Ask us about our boats with 4 stroke engines that increases fuel economy and performance while reducing pollution!

Check out a article on KidFriendly DC about a Family's experience renting one of our pontoon boats for Mother's Day.

14443 Solomons Island Rd South
Solomons, MD  20688
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